Rezeki Restaurant Batam City

Best Restaurants to visit in Batam City, Indonesia

Best Restaurants to visit in Batam City, Indonesia


A vacation or a regular day off is not complete without tasting and experiencing delightful foods. Foods can represent the rich culture and history of an area. A happy tummy is a happy life, right? Being able to taste something unique and unforgettable can also serve as the souvenir to your never-ending happy moments and memories.


Well, finding the best and great restaurants that offer fresh, delicious, and mouth-watering foods could be hard. But don’t be sad because we are here for you to offer the best and remarkable restaurants that you can visit in Batam, City Indonesia! Start looking for any apartments for rent around Indonesia for you to easily visit the best restaurants to fulfill your culinary experience.


The Oxley Convention Centre Batam, is one of the best places to find apartments or hotel in Indonesia. They offer the best studio apartments and luxury apartments for everyone. Because of its perfect location, you can access nearby malls, supermarkets, and restaurants easily.



Bella Italia Ristorante Italiano Restaurant


Experience and taste the best traditional and authentic Italian food in Bella Italia. Feel and achieve extraordinary casual dining experience by visiting this restaurant! This wonderful place has a quiet and soothing ambiance to make the experience memorable and relaxing while eating authentic Italian foods, including pizza! Who doesn’t love pizza? In addition, there’s also a live band to level up your eating experience. If you are on a vacation and staying in an apartment, try visiting one of the best restaurant located in Batam, City to fulfill your culinary experience!



Restaurant Sei Enam Seafood Batam


Food lovers especially seafood lovers will love this place. They offer and serve fresh seafood cuisines. The place has a relaxing, clean, and lovely setting to lighten up your mood while indulging delightful seafood such as crabs, prawns, seafood fried rice and more fresh food to make you and your appetite satisfied! This amazing restaurant has a reasonable price for its mouth-watering foods! So, take your friends with you and experience the best and freshest plates of seafood dish that this restaurant can offer.



Rezeki Seafood Restaurant


Good ambiance, affordable seafood place, and lovely kinds of seafood dish, that’s what Rezeki Seafood Restaurant can offer. What’s cool about this restaurant? You can choose and pick the fishes to be cooked. The fishes are displayed in the restaurant and you are free to select the best fish to fill your hungry stomach. Sounds fresh, right? They offer the freshest seafood available to make everyone satisfied! In addition to this, the restaurant is located near the seaside which makes it possible for you to dine while looking at the beautiful sea view to make the dining experience extraordinary.