How to Ensure Safety in a Workplace

How to Ensure Safety in a Workplace



Familiar of the Resorts World Manila Incident?  An entertainment complex in Pasay, Metro Manila Philippines where a gunman wrecked -havoc, killed and injured dozens of people last June 2, 2017. Some suspected it as a terrorist attack but the PNP constantly protect that the motive of the gunman is robbery. Although the rate of this crime ended in 2014, robbery still falls next to kidnapping and rape. What happened to their security? According to news, the management admitted that there was a lapse in security in one of the house probes. The Oxley Convention City Developer guarantees that their establishment is safe and secured for their personnel and residents. Here are some practices they follow that you might contribute to the improvement of your workplace health and safety.


Creating Plan


Establish a safety plan. As an employer, you must analyze hazards in your workplace and take steps to minimize or maybe eliminate them. Employees must have access to a first aid kit and tell them what you will do to provide safety.


Observe Workplace


Check all equipment and tools frequently to make sure that they are well-maintained and safe for use. Instruct your employees how to lift heavy goods without harming themselves, and let them know where the fire exit is and where to gather in case of emergency.


Train Them


Proper training and provide them with written instructions and safe work procedures so they can check it by themselves. Supervise them to ensure that they are doing it correctly. Because by not providing them the correct training can cause them harm and could cause serious consequences that you be liable for that incident.


Talk to Them


Talk with your employees regularly, discuss them health and safety issues. Inspire them to share the ideas on how to improve more the safety in their workplace. Contribute first aid training so that they are prepared to deal with emergency situations.


Examine Incidents


Investigate an incident to help determine why an accident happened. Take knowledge from it so it might not happen again in the future.


Record It


after you investigate, you record it. All first aid treatment, inspections, incident examination, and training activities should be recorded because this data can help you classify directions in uncertain conditions or work procedures.


To grant safety is the best service that we can assure residents and personnel. That’s why in Oxley Convention Centre not only your safety is secured but your investments and businesses as well.