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Stunning Tourist Attractions You Can Found in Indonesia

Stunning Tourist Attractions You Can Found in Indonesia

There are many fascinating tourist attractions around the world. People, specifically travelers consider traveling as their hobby, entertainment, and a one of a lifetime experience to keep. Who doesn’t love to travel along with loved ones? Traveling is one of the best ways to reduce stress and spend quality time with friends and families.


If you are looking for a place to make your traveling experience satisfying and memorable, we will show you some stunning tourist attraction that you can found in Indonesia!


Bali, Indonesia

Tourist Attractions Bali Indonesia

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Bali is one of the popular places you can visit in Indonesia and maybe the best place around Indonesia. You may want to consider visiting this place during your free time or holiday season, you won’t regret it! Bali offers sandy beaches, ancient temples, luxury resorts, great food, and natural tourist attractions such as volcanoes, forests, rice fields, and a lot more spectacular places to spend your whole vacation!


Komodo National Park

Tourist Attractions Komodo National Park

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Spend time with Komodo’s! Being able to see a Komodo in front of you is an unforgettable experience have. Adventurous people will surely love this place, you might want to visit this to make the most of your trip to Indonesia. What’s special about Komodo Dragon? It is considered as the world’s largest living reptile, if that doesn’t get your attention – you are missing something wonderful and memorable to treasure!


Mount Bromo

Tourist Attractions Mount Bromo

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An active and mind-blowing volcano located in East Java, Indonesia. It is probably the most popular volcano you can found in Indonesia. You can reach this place by renting a private van with other travelers. The van will stop at various restaurants to fill your hungry stomach and have a good rest. After some minutes of traveling, you’ll reach the well-known Mount Bromo at the end. Prepare to catch the sunrise along with the stunning view of Mount Bromo that will make your trip remarkable!


Lake Toba

Tourist Attractions Mount Bromo

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Experience the comfort and relaxation you deserve after a long hour of the trip around Indonesia by visiting and swimming in Lake Toba. There are many options of transportations you can use to reach this one of a kind place. This includes a car, rental car, bus, airplanes, boats, ferries, and trains. Don’t miss the opportunity to swim and ease your stress in the largest volcanic lake in the world. Lake Toba’s quiet and soothing environment makes it one of the best place in Indonesia to spend time with a lot of busy and fun-filled activities.


Above are just some of the best tourist attractions located in Indonesia, there’s a lot more and you can find it yourself to make your trip exciting and full of surprises! Surprises are good, right? Well, to make the most of your trip to Indonesia, you might want to find apartments to make traveling easier.


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Happy traveling!