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The 10 things you should know about Oxley Batam Property

The 10 things you should know about Oxley Batam Property


Oxley Convention City Batam Facade
Source : mysgprop

Oxley Batam Property is mixed-development business tower with an integrated ecosystem. It was developed by Oxley Holdings Limited, a Singapore-listed property developer. It is an International property developer that specializes in the development of quality residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Here are the 20 things you should know about the property.


- the wonderful property is composed of three 32-storey residential towers, a 20-storey hotel, a 29-storey office, a convention centre, and a 3-storey podium.


- It is strategically placed at Batam’s financial district and aims to cater the demand for business meeting conventions and residential properties.


- It is accessible from nearby cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Singapore.


- Oxley Convention City Square serves local and international high-class cuisines.


- It has a strong government support for it brings new opportunities to everyone.


- Oxley Convention City hotel consists of 520 standard and deluxe rooms.


- the big convention offers premium office spaces to business leaders after Batam became a Free Trade Zone.


- the hotel here has modern facilities to spend leisure time and relax.


- It has a well-thought designs where you can enjoy the sceneries.


- It is spacious and luxurious place is perfect for large gatherings and events.


Oxley Batam Property has it all perfectly wrapped for you. Everything you needed is here whether it’s a restaurants, mall, apartments, studio, hotel, shops, residence, or offices. It even highlights the unique experience of living and working. It is a place where people meet, network, and connect. Experience a luxurious lifestyle with your family at Convention City Batam.


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Live to a place where you can work, relax, shop and dine!